Frequently Asked Questions:


The Packages are actually volume discounts. The list of photos under each package is to give you an idea of what could be purchased. You may apply your photo credit to any combination of images and photo sizes.


Purchasing an image for unlimited reproduction, means that you are purchasing all of the potential sales of that image. For example, the Print Quality File on the price guide for $219 is an individual image at a resolution to print an 11x14. The families purchasing this might use it to produce multiple photographs in different sizes, and possibly their holiday cards. Please request an email for a menu of the Digital Options.


Most orders are delivered between 3 and 5 weeks.  If the largest size is 11x14 or smaller, then the shipping is closer to 3 weeks.  October and November is when the shipping is closer to the 5 week side.

Credit Cards and Payments

When you place an order - the credit card is processed for the amount showing on the shopping cart Total. Make sure that your credit has been deducted by entering the “Credit Code”. If there is any question, please call. There is an option for payment by check. (That is our preferred form of payment.)